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Russian fishing on the Kola Peninsula starts from the middle of May and ends in the middle of October. We have many places licensed for fishing on all rivers of the Kola Peninsula. To fish Salmon you are required to buy license. There are licenses of two types: “caught – taken” (as soon as you have caught a fish, your license becomes invalid, and you shall buy a new license to fish again), and “caught – set free” (the license gives you right to fish on the river during 12 hours on condition that you set free all fishes caught by you). You must not fish Salmon on the rivers of the Kola Peninsula without license. In 2016 price of the license “caught – taken” is 800 roubles and the license “caught – set free” is 1600 roubles for residents of the country. Price of the licenses is 1600 roubles for non-residents of the country (nationals of the Commonwealth of Independent States and other foreign countries). Points where licenses may be bought are located in different settlements of the Kola Peninsula (Tersky Coast), and they are open from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Number of the licenses “caught – taken” is restricted, and the licenses “caught – set free” are only available for sale by the beginning of autumn. You may book licenses “caught – taken” through our company.

We are always glad to see fishing-lovers from EU, USA, Canada and other countries of the world. We have organized fishing for our clients from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden. Our offers to fish on the Kola Peninsula of the White Sea are specified in the Price-List.

Price-List of Fishing Services

  • Price for the one-week tour (arrival on Sunday, departure on Saturday: 7 days and 6 nights) is 1000 EUR per person. The group size is no less that 3 pax. If the group size is less than 3 pax, you shall pay price of the tour for 3 pax (3000 EUR).
  • Meals are included in the tour price (breakfast, dinner, supper). You may buy foods in Kandalaksha town where there is a supermarket open 24 hours, if you wish
  • Transfer: Kandalaksha Railway Station – Camp - Kandalaksha Railway Station is 300 EUR.
  • Transfer: Murmansk Airport – Camp - Murmansk Airport is 400 EUR.
  • License “caught – set free” is 20 EUR.
  • Invitation to obtain Russian visa is 20 EUR.
  • Russian baths: 2 times during the tour are included in the price. The additional baths are for extra charge 40 Euro, if you would like to order this extra service
  • Bedclothes, towels are included in the tour price.
  • Transfers to fishing places are included in the tour price
  • The services of huntsman are included in the tour price during 24 hours
  • All rivers of the Kola Peninsula are open for licensed fishing from 15 May to 15 October. Most of the rivers are located in out-of-the-way places. Only such rivers as Varzuga, Kitsa, Indera may be easily reached by transport. It takes around 6-8 hours to get to the Chavanga River by road that scarcely exists. The other rivers, namely: Strelna, Yugin, Chapoma, Pyalitsa, Pulonga are situated for a more longer distance, the broken road ruts pass through the tundra and coastal strip. To arrive to the terminal point, you will be required to stand the trip test. There are not any comfortable tourist camps on the distant rivers of the Kola Peninsula in practice, and the fishers pass the night under tents.

Weather of the Kola Peninsula is always windy and cold. Warm northern summer comes on July for short time. Take your warm clothes without fail, because quite fresh breeze is always on the rivers. You should bring all outfits for salmon fishing with you, so long as there is no specialized shop here.

Nature of the Kola Peninsula of the White Sea is very beautiful. Abundance of different mushrooms and berries start on August. Cloudberry, whortleberries, bog bilberries, cowberries widely grow in the forest and tundra in abundance. If you come in August, you may combine fishing with mushroom-picking. Many fishers come during the summer, in spite of their talks that the fish is sleepy and is not very active due to the summer heat. All depend on skill and wish of each fisher to gain salmon.

We make reception of the fishers on the Kola Peninsula from the side of the White Sea, which is called as Tersky Coast. Salmon of 3-5 kg are the most common on Tersky Coast, and lager fish is rather uncommon here. The Kola Peninsula is the single place in Russia, where Salmon may be found. Salmon fishing is very popular among the professionals. Half of the groups coming for Salmon fishing include foreigners, many Frenchmen and Americans. Most of the russian fishers are from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Our company has a tourist camp on the Kola Peninsula of the White Sea, mouth of the Varzuga River. We offer Salmon fishing on the Kitsa and Indera Rivers. The tourist camp takes a half of the well overhauled house with its own exit to the veranda. There are good Russian baths built in 2010. The tourist camp offers full board (three meals a day), including meals cooked of fresh fish (salmon, gorbusha, salmon trout). Reception of all clients is organaized at very high level; there is no claim from the fishers’ side. We invite you to the Kola Peninsula to fish Salmon, where you will get many positive emotions and have a good rest.